Instagram initiative


Starting this year, I happened to obtain a different perspective toward social media. Maybe this is the perspective turn from the consumer-approach of social media to the producer-approach of its use. Maybe, it is my understanding what is the sense of social media creating a new platform of people’s interaction.

I used to have a personal Instagram account, following other public figures. In this cases, these individuals are marketing themselves, attracting as many followers as possible with their envious bodies or mouth-watering dishes. They work as one-person corporation. They created a dot in social media universe, and with the gravity they perform they attract many satellites around them.

I was one of these dots trying to have gravity to attract more followers as the mean of proving the value of attraction and self-importance. This psychology is used by technology companies like Facebook, Instagram or others, directing millions of minds to certain direction. Scrolling down the screen generates a same effect of gambling slot machine, stimulating us to see if there is a jackpot for the next scroll. We expect to see new posts and Facebook or Instagram were designed to show us different newsfeed every time we scroll down, as this way we tend to stay more time, giving more attention to this social media. It’s the algorism of addiction.

And I decided to give up this addiction. Being addicted and wasting attention and energy wasn’t the very purpose of social media creation. It was to connect more individuals, so their unheard voices to be heard. It is the flow of valuable information, giving the public the sensation of being belonged in a community even though the form of community is virtual. But once the empowerment is given, social movements begin. We saw the cases such as Arab spring or manifests for democracy rising in China. The value of social media comes from the fact that it produces the flow of information, not from that it gravitates as a centre of attention.

Of course it is important to create a dot in a blue ocean, which generates the human and economic activities. This is creativity and competence;


But maybe, we already explored the undiscovered fields, and creating new facts became unrealistic. Even so, social media permits us to connect those dots in various perspectives, and under the same game rule, we can create another platform of human interactions between many dots existing;

. ________________________ .

So for this year, I planned a new initiative of Instagram, although I perceive it’s a bit late to start a new Instagram profile when many people are retreating themselves from Instagram already. My initiative overlaps with the metro system in Paris. The names of metro station in Paris come from historial events of France, yet many of the daily users don’t concrete the very meaning of names where they pass every day at least half an hour commuting. What if there is an account which explains shortly the history of each name, then suggest accessible destinations around the metro station such as restaurants or museums? Each post is of the name plate of metro station, and tags and hashtags will be made so that any reader easily click the tag to explore what is ahead for them to visit. Every dot is already there, individuals and destinations. As metro links them all, this account might serve to link them as well;

Individuals . _______social media______ . Destinations

It would be a long-period project considering the quantity of metro stations in metropolitan city of Paris, but I hope this initiative serve to give meaning of metro stations to those individuals who travel daily in them.

Be witness of this initiative: @metropolitaindeparis in Instagram.



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