When was the last time you did something for the first time?

On the train heading to suburban of Paris, I was looking at the rather countryside landscape through the window. It had been a long time I headed out from Paris with the aim to visit other French places. I recalled the last time was to go to Versailles to sightsee the great palace and its historical evidence. The feeling of taking a train for a longer distance made me thrilled again, letting me anticipate what I would be seeing after getting off. On the way, I held a book that was almost to finish. It was my first French book and I was glad that I could read the whole book, which took me more than two weeks. Whether I had understood all the phrases was another question, rather me having completed a book in French gave me a sensation that the next time it would be better. Daydreaming time to time putting my gaze to the transparency of the train window, I could answer a question that seized me: When was the last time you did something for the first time? I was glad that I wasn’t making my life just a pure routine of habitual gravity.


I arrived at the Gare de la Verrière and was guided to where I was heading. It was a party of designers and the celebration came from the fact that all worked together to launch a new interactive E-book. Even though I’m familiar with text-based E-books for I consider myself as a passionate E-book reader, this new interactive E-book was a new arena for me to comprehend. Animation, sounds, videos and guiding texts open up like a movie, and those lead you directly to the fantastical context. This E-book format is also to open on IPad, Kobo, Kindle or any other E-book readers. Fantasy novels are the main subject for this kind of interactive E-book, I figured, but scientific articles also can be put in E-book as a form of an interactive seminar, I thought.

I drank most of the wine, but the beer was tempting too, especially the IPA I had. I recalled when I was swimming the current of IPA back in Buenos Aires, at my favourite bar called Clot. I used to go there with my beloved friends and brothers. One used to tell me that the IPA from Clot was his best one in life. Every time I had some fair IPA with him in London, we recalled the IPA that we used to have in Buenos Aires. But I’m sure that the taste of IPA at Clot would be different now if I go back to Buenos Aires. Maybe what gives me the unforgettable pleasure to compare with other IPAs is that it was our first trying to IPA, as a good standard. I might find a good IPA here in Paris as well someday, but it would be an enrichment if I try to find something new instead of trying to find a better IPA comparing that of my past. I’ve tried new things in Paris and found my favourite cheeses, for example. And this enrichment comes along with the question to reply: when was the last time you did something for the first time?

Visiting suburban Paris, trying a new beer, wine and cheese, learning a new form of E-book, new relationship and etc… Still, there will be more I can do for the first time, and I can do today. The answer to this question should be right now today that one is encouraged to initiate a new thing every moment. We also value the repertory and habitual routine as a form of emotional settlement, but asking us this question may lead us not lose ourselves on the track of time.


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