When I speak out, doubts sneak out. So I stare the world, without a word, until such silence constructs my own strength of sense.”
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Don Quixote once said, and here I quote: “I know who I am and whom I can be, if I desire to”. So I’ve been traveling to find out what values I desire to pursue to be future me. I keep myself trying to be more respectful, considerate and benevolent. Doing this helps me to see the beauty of life and the smile of people that pass me everyday.
I wouldn’t declare that my identity is an exquisite construction, rather it is an amoebic stretching out to the expectations of an ideal future; which means, my heritage that I didn’t choose to be born with (such as gender, nationality, cultural background, language, social class as of economic and social conditions) has little notation on my identity.
I have many distinctive names. I have an oriental appearance with occidental manners (if there were such distinction). I have multi-local experiences, which have made my home not tied to one geographic location; it’s anywhere I walk and any fellow transients I meet. I have various language tongues (Englishes, Español Porteño, 섬 방언, Português Carioca, Français Parigot). I have an unorthodox and explorative sexuality. I have some graduate-school titles. I have a certain expectation of social norms. I have my own justification of human behaviour. I have a slight sense of humour but abundant seriousness. I have a certain belief away from religions. I have a loyalty to my people. I have a respect to other people, or to say, to humanity. I have psychological tattoos that emerged on my skin surface. I have lots of curiosity toward the world of beyond my so-far-perception.
I don’t want to be named such, so i put all those labels as just possessions as above. It’s not the possessions but the values I pursue, I believe, that characterize my being, because I came to this world with empty hand and will leave samely empty but free.

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  1. Sometimes when I read other people’s work, I wish so much that I possessed a tenth of their talent for writing….. you are one of them. Your work will push me to write better. I truly thank you for sharing.

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